Anne Morgan's War: Rebuilding Devastated France, 1917–1924

Filming the reconstruction effort thumbail Filming the Reconstruction Effort
View World War I era silent films that depict American women volunteers at work in the devastated regions of northeastern France.
Faces of war thumbnail Faces of War
View a selection of photographic portraits, commissioned by Anne Morgan and her relief organization, of the people of the war-torn regions of France.
Voice of Anne Morgan thumbnail The Voice of Anne Morgan
Listen to a 1939 radio broadcast in which Anne Morgan calls for humanitarian action at the dawn of the Second World War.
Thumbnail image of Anne Morgan's monogram Letters from the Field
Read Anne Morgan's letters home describing the exhilaration and challenge of establishing a World War I civilian relief program in France.
Thumbnail of Marian Bartol A Volunteer's Story
Follow Philadelphia volunteer Marian Bartol as she reports, day by day, on her experience sailing to Paris and joining forces with the American Committee for Devastated France in 1920.

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