Current Exhibitions

Dretail of a dawing of head and shoulders of a man with thinninghair and wrinkles around his eyes.
Van Eyck to Mondrian: 300 Years of Collecting in Dresden
October 22, 2021 through January 23, 2022
Imperial Splendor: The Art of the Book in the Holy Roman Empire, ca. 800–1500
October 15, 2021 through January 23, 2022
A brown light brown tiger with dark brown stripes with a blue face to the left, a yellow face to the right and a pink face on top.
Another Tradition: Drawings by Black Artists from the American South
September 24, 2021 through January 16, 2022
Black and white photograph of Jayne Wrightsman sitting on a couch in her Manhattan apartment surrounded by art objects.
Bound for Versailles: The Jayne Wrightsman Bookbindings Collection
June 25 through January 30, 2022
Photograph of J. Pierpont Morgan's Library interior showing bookshelves and tapestry.
J. Pierpont Morgan's Library

Presentations from our Collection

Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol
November 24, 2021 through January 9, 2022
Women Artists and Patrons in the Natural Sciences, 1650–1800
September 14, 2021 through January 9, 2022
Collections Spotlight
August 18, 2021 through January 9, 2022
Dawn till Dusk: Studies of Light in Marine Sketches
October 14, 2021 through October 23, 2022
Photograph of mural with orange, yellow and blue geometric shapes.
Sol LeWitt's Wall Drawing 552D