Upcoming Exhibitions

Book cover of seated figure wearing a yellow dress withb hand-written text saying to Gwen with Love.
Gwendolyn Brooks: A Poet’s Work In Community
January 28 through June 5, 2022
Profile portrait of bearded man holding a flower wearing feathered cap.
Holbein: Capturing Character
February 11 through May 15, 2022
Black and white photograph of Woody Guthrie playing the guitar.
Woody Guthrie: People Are the Song
February 18 through May 22, 2022
Watercolor showing three quater view of styalized figure holding yellow flower with hands pressed against eachother. Yellow, green, blue and brown waves are in the background.
Ashley Bryan & Langston Hughes: Sail Away
October 7, 2022 through January 22, 2023
Impression of two figures standing with a sun in between them.
She Who Wrote: Enheduanna and Women of Mesopotamia, ca. 3400-2000 B.C.
October 15, 2022 through February 19, 2023