Upcoming Exhibitions

One Hundred Years of James Joyce's Ulysses
June 3 through October 2, 2022
Photo of East Room of J. Pierpont Morgan's Library looking towards north west corner showing painted ceiling lunettes, display cases and doorway to Rotunda.
J. Pierpont Morgan's Library: Building the Bookman's Paradise
June 10 through September 18, 2022
Line drawing of of a street scen with a male figure in the foreground holding his head in his hands with another male figure on the right, with a plant in between them and third male figure to the left.
Writing a Chrysanthemum: The Drawings of Rick Barton
June 10 through September 11, 2022
Color photograph of a hand holding up a crescent moon shaped object that is blue with the sea and sky in the background.
PLEASE SEND TO REAL LIFE: Ray Johnson Photographs
June 17 through October 2, 2022
Watercolor showing three quater view of styalized figure holding yellow flower with hands pressed against eachother. Yellow, green, blue and brown waves are in the background.
Ashley Bryan & Langston Hughes: Sail Away
September 30, 2022 through January 22, 2023
The Little Prince: Taking Flight
October 14, 2022 through January 15, 2023
Impression of two figures standing with a sun in between them.
She Who Wrote: Enheduanna and Women of Mesopotamia, ca. 3400-2000 B.C.
October 14, 2022 through February 19, 2023
Georg Baselitz: Drawings
October 21, 2022 through February 5, 2023
Sepia toned photograph of Belle da Costa Greene holding a book reading it.
Belle da Costa Greene
Fall 2024