Visitor Guidelines and Policies

General guidelines:

  • Please do not touch the artwork.
  • Coats, if not worn, must be checked at the coatroom.
  • Complimentary coat and bag check available (see below for policies).
  • While pencils, sketchbooks, and notebooks are allowed, no pens, ink, paints, markers, easels, or stools are permitted. Sitting on the floor while sketching or taking notes is not permitted.
  • Non-flash photography is permitted in all spaces. Exceptions may apply. Video recording is not permitted in the Museum.
  • Visitors can use cell phones throughout the Museum
  • In consideration of others, we ask that visitors refrain from speaking into their cell phones except in lobby areas.

Museum policies:

  • There is no lecturing in the galleries except by Morgan Library & Museum staff and docents.
  • The Museum reserves the right to decide what can and cannot be checked in at the coatroom.
  • The Museum is not responsible for items that are lost, stolen, damaged, or left behind.
  • No eating or drinking outside the Café and Dining Room (this includes food items purchased in the Museum)
  • Outside food and drink cannot be brought into the Museum and may not be checked at the coatroom.
  • All backpacks, briefcases, and large bags must be checked
  • Luggage, garment bags, carry-on bags, large duffle bags, bicycles, skateboards, skates, scooters, plants, or flowers may not be brought into the Museum and cannot be checked.
  • Strollers may be brought into the Museum but cannot be checked.
  • Sealed boxes, packages, or musical instruments may not be brought into the Museum and cannot be checked.
  • All umbrellas must be checked unless it is contained within an admissibly sized bag.
  • Pets cannot be brought into the Museum.
  • The Morgan Library & Museum is a smoke-free environment.

Violations of the above guidelines and policies may result in your being asked to leave the Morgan (without refund).