Mission Statement


The mission of The Morgan Library & Museum is to preserve, build, study, present, and interpret a collection of extraordinary quality, in order to stimulate enjoyment, excite the imagination, advance learning, and nurture creativity.

A global institution focused on the European and American traditions, the Morgan houses one of the world's foremost collections of manuscripts, rare books, music, drawings, and ancient and other works of art. These holdings, which represent the legacy of Pierpont Morgan and numerous later benefactors, comprise a unique and dynamic record of civilization, as well as an incomparable repository of ideas and of the creative process.


The Morgan Library & Museum celebrates creativity and the imagination, with the conviction that meaningful engagement with literature, music, history, and art enriches lives, opens minds, and deepens understanding.

Institutional Values

Quality and the Distinctive Character of its Collection
The Morgan's holding of illuminated manuscripts, rare books, fine bindings, literary and historical manuscripts, music manuscripts and printed music, drawings, and other works of art constitutes an incomparable resource and the springboard for its mission and its programs.

Scholarship and Learning
The staff of the Morgan generates, disseminates, and facilitates original scholarship in the fields of its collection, making new ideas relevant and exciting to a broad audience by means of exhibitions as well as educational and public programs.

Access and Transparency
The Morgan is committed to providing the fullest possible access to its collection and landmark facility, and to serving a broad and diverse audience of all ages, including students, scholars, and the general public. A comparable openness distinguishes its operation as both a library and a museum.

Imagination and Creativity
The Morgan values imagination and creativity as they are embodied in the objects it preserves and the ways they are presented to the public, in the work of its staff and outside scholars, and in the range of viewpoints represented by its many audiences.

Stewardship and Accountability
The Morgan holds its collection in trust for all people, and is committed to the responsible management of its human and financial resources, as well as to recognizing and actively engaging its supporters and the public.

Leadership and Collaboration
The Morgan seeks to establish the highest standards with respect to the management of its collection and resources, as well as the level of service it provides to scholars and the general public. Teamwork and thoughtful collaboration with other institutions are essential to realizing its mission.

Photograph by Michel Denancé.