Guidelines for Requesting Loans

The Morgan Library & Museum loans program lends works from the permanent collection to museums and institutions worldwide. Please review the loan request guidelines carefully before submission. We look forward to receiving your request and thank you for your interest in our collection.

Evaluation Criteria
In reviewing loan requests, the Morgan will consider:

  • The educational benefit of the exhibition
  • How effectively the exhibition advances the scholarship and understanding of the requested object
  • Conservation concerns and whether the work can travel safely
  • Any loan restrictions imposed when the work was originally acquired
  • The museum’s own exhibition and scheduling needs
  • Pre-existing requests or agreements with other institutions regarding the requested object
  • The environmental controls and security available at the requesting institution
  • Any other relevant factors pertaining to the safety and display of the object

Loans will not be approved for the display of permanent collection objects in private residences, businesses, or offices.

Requests for loans must be received by the Morgan Library & Museum at least twelve months in advance of the exhibition opening date.

Costs and Fees
Further information will be supplied after a loan request has been approved.
The following costs and fees will be levied for approved loans:

  • Loan Fee: $250 per object
  • Imaging
  • Conservation Exam/Condition Report
  • Framing/Mounting

Applicable standard loan costs include but are not limited to:

  • Packing/crating
  • Transportation
  • Courier accompaniment
  • Insurance
  • Rights and reproduction
  • Other needs

The borrowing institution will be responsible for all actual expenses accrued for a request completely rescinded by the borrower after loan approval was received.

Loan Agreements and Insurance
A work may only leave the museum on loan after all parties have signed a Morgan Library & Museum written loan agreement including terms of the loan, and once insurance coverage is in place for the object during transit and throughout the term of the loan period.

Loan Request Process

  • Submit a written request on letterhead to the attention of Colin B. Bailey, Director, The Morgan Library & Museum, 225 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016. Requests may also be submitted online using the Loan Request Form.
  • Include the title of the exhibition and the title/artist name of the object(s) you wish to borrow. Refer to CORSAIR, the Morgan’s online catalog, for the accession number of the object and include it with your request. List all the dates and venues of the exhibition, as well as the description and justification for the loan request.
  • Loan requests must be received at least one year in advance of the exhibition opening date.
  • A facility report and environmental readings from the last three years for the requested loan period must accompany the loan request letter. The Morgan Library & Museum requires that facility reports are the American Alliance of Museums standardized version.
  • If approved, you will receive written acknowledgement, requests for information, display guidelines, and a Borrower's Agreement form for signature.
  • Please contact the Registrar Department at with any questions.