Fragment of a letter from Anne Morgan, 9 September 1917?

Anne Morgan's War: Rebuilding Devastated France, 1917–1924
September 3 through November 21, 2010

Fragment of a letter from Anne Morgan to her mother, Frances Tracy Morgan
Blérancourt, [9 September 1917?]

. . . arranged that these machines should be followed by rollers, harrows, and then by seeders, so that next year it will mean just so much more food for those that need it so sorely; indeed it is a real satisfaction to know that already we have been able to accomplish just that much.

Besides this week we have begun to install our first houses, we have started our first classes, and we are feeling that at last the time has come when we can show real progress. How I wish I could give you a real picture of our life here, but it all sounds cold and dry when one puts it down in black and white. It is only when one is listening to all the stories at first hand that one realizes the tragedy of it all and how much they need our help just at this time.

We are waiting with joy to know when Mrs. Schelling is coming over, for if she is willing to come out into this country and not be in Paris it will be too wonderful for words. As things are in Paris at the Alcazar and with the eternal R.C. [Red Cross] situation it would not be at all interesting for her to be in our work at that end for there is nothing but pure office to do.

Today we have had a very unusual kind of a Sunday with almost no visits except our architect who has just come back from Vichy, and was thrilled to find out how far ahead the work has gone. Our head workman is a joy to us all and is a perfect type. Of course he is réformé and has been twice decorated, he is so thrilled with what we are trying to do both here and with the Smith [College Relief] Unit at Grécourt that he is going to stop on with us after our own houses are arranged, so that he can help in the mending of what can be restored without too much expenditure, and with helping to put up the movable houses with the Agent Voyer, as they call him. This man is an employee of the Préfet, and is another trump, with such a wonderful spirit. . . .