MS G.55 fol. 136v

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Hours of Pierre de Bosredont

France, Langres
ca. 1465
157 x 113 mm

Gift of the Trustees of the William S. Glazier Collection, 1984

MS G.55 fol. 136v

Claudius of Besan , wearing a bishop's miter and vestments, is raising his right hand in a gesture of blessing and holding a crosier with his left hand. He stands in a windowed room in front of three tapestries. The center tapestry is inscribed SANCTUS CLAUDIUS ARCHIEPISCOPUS BISUNTINENSIS SANCTE CLAUDI CONFESSOR CHRISTI INTERCEDE PRO NOBIS AD DOMINUM NOSTRUM IHESUM CHRISTUM. The other two are inscribed PIERRE DE BOSREDONT across the top and DI CHOSSON DE NIBORO across the bottom.
The margins are decorated with floreate ornament, including a strawberry, inhabited by a rabbit. The heraldic shield of Pierre de Bosredont (quarterly, vair and gules) is in the lower margin.