MS G.55 fol. 89v

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Hours of Pierre de Bosredont

France, Langres
ca. 1465
157 x 113 mm

Gift of the Trustees of the William S. Glazier Collection, 1984

MS G.55 fol. 89v

Scene, Liturgical: Obsequies — An acolyte holding a situla in his right hand and a processional cross in his left hand stands opposite a priest, who is tonsured, wearing vestments, and holding an open book with both hands. Behind him stands a group of five mourners, all hooded, one holding his garment to his face. In the foreground a man stands in a grave holding an enshrouded corpse. A mattock is on the ground at the foot of the grave. In the background is a tapestry inscribed ANIME EORUM IN [BONIS] DE MORENTUR. ET SEMEN EORUM HEREDITET [TER]RAM next to a domed, windowed building with a tower.
The margins are decorated with floreate ornament, including grapes and a strawberry, inhabited by two rabbits, one eating grapes. A monogram of the initials A and P linked by a love knot is in the lower margin.