MS G.55 fol. 77v

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Hours of Pierre de Bosredont

France, Langres
ca. 1465
157 x 113 mm

Gift of the Trustees of the William S. Glazier Collection, 1984

MS G.55 fol. 77v

Christ: Last Judgment — A partially nude Christ, with a crown of thorns, bleeding wounds, and a cross projecting nimbus, is seated on a rainbow with His feet on a globe. He is raising his right arm in blessing. , He is flanked by two angels playing horns and above by two suns or stars emitting rays. Below Him, three men, one with arms crossed on his breast and one with joined hands raised, and two women, one with joined hands and the other with joined hands raised, all stand in graves. The scene is set in a hilly landscape with bushes and with buildings in background.
The margins are decorated with floreate ornament inhabited by a rabbit. The heraldic shield of Pierre de Bosredont (quarterly, vair and gules) is in the left margin.