MS G.55 fol. 67v

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Hours of Pierre de Bosredont

France, Langres
ca. 1465
157 x 113 mm

Gift of the Trustees of the William S. Glazier Collection, 1984

MS G.55 fol. 67v

Innocents: Massacre — A woman holding a wooden spoon or ladle in her raised right hand reaches her left hand up to a bleeding, swaddled infant held in the left hand of a soldier, who is raising a saber in his right hand. Another woman, kneeling on one knee, extends her left hand to the face of a soldier and with her right hand grasps his left arm. He has a dagger in his right hand and holds a bleeding infant by one arm with his left hand. Another bleeding infant lies on the ground at his feet. At right, two soldiers and another man(?) stand with Herod the Great, who is crowned and is extending his right hand and holding a scepter in his left hand. Above, the sun or a star emits rays. The scene is set in a landscape with hills and towers and a body of water in the distance.
The margins are decorated with floreate ornament inhabited by a rabbit. A monogram of the initials A and P linked by love knot is in the left margin.