MA 1226, p. 5

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Jane Austen

Lady Susan

Autograph manuscript, fair copy, of a novel


Purchased, 1947

MA 1226

marry him myself, & were he but one degree
less contemptibly weak I certainly should, but
I must own myself rather romantic in that re:
:spect, & that Riches only, will not satisfy me.
The event of all this is very provoking. — Sir James
is gone, Maria highly incensed, & Mrs. Mainwaring
insupportably jealous; — so jealous, in short, & so en:
:raged against me, that in the fury of her temper
I should not be surprized at her appealing to her
Guardian if she had the liberty of addressing him —
but there your husband stands my friend, & the
kindest, most amiable action of his life was his
throwing her off forever on her marriage. — Keep up
his resentment therefore I charge you. — We are
now in a sad state; no house was ever more altered;
the whole party are at war, & Mainwaring scarcely
dares speak to me. It is time for me to be gone;
I have therefore determined on leaving them, & shall
spend I hope a comfortable day with you in Town


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