MA 1226, p. 22

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Jane Austen

Lady Susan

Autograph manuscript, fair copy, of a novel


Purchased, 1947

MA 1226

acquirements should be more than superficial, & I
flatter myself that she will not remain long enough
at school to understand anything thoroughly. I
hope to see her the wife of Sir James within a
twelvemonth. — You know on what I ground my
hope, & it is certainly a good foundation, for school
must be very humiliating to a girl of Frederica's
age; & by the by, you had better not invite her
any more on that account, as I wish her to
find her situation as unpleasant as possible. — I am
sure of Sir James at any time, & could make him
renew his application by a Line. — I shall trouble
you meanwhile to prevent his forming any other
attachment when he comes to Town;— ask him
to your House occasionally, & talk to him about
Frederica that he may not forget her.
     Upon the whole, I commend my own conduct
in this affair extremely, & regard it as a very happy


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