329, MS M.429, fol. 163r

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Saint Beatus, Presbyter of Liebana

Commentary on the Apocalypse and commentary on the Book of Daniel

Spain, perhaps Toledo
520 x 370 mm

Purchased by J. Pierpont Morgan (1837-1913) in 1910

MS M.429
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Daniel: Vision, Ancient of Days; and Vision, Four Beasts.

Daniel: Vision, Ancient of Days; and Vision, Four Beasts (Daniel 7:2-10) -- Ancient of Days represented by Christ cross-nimbed, book in left hand, seated on cushioned bench in cloud mandorla framed by heads of nimbed angels and flanked by four Beasts, one with human head on horns one with nearly illegible inscription [...] AQUILA [...] and another inscribed PARDUS QUATTUOR HABENS REGNUM ALEXANDRINORUM; fiery stream flowing from the mandorla; at corners, half figures of Personifications of Winds, two labeled UENTOS and one inscribed IUDI[...]UM SEDIT ET LIBRI APERTI SUNT, blowing trumpets.
Text is Jerome, In Danielem, VII, 2-3.