126, MS M.429, fol. 61v

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Saint Beatus, Presbyter of Liebana

Commentary on the Apocalypse and commentary on the Book of Daniel

Spain, perhaps Toledo
520 x 370 mm

Purchased by J. Pierpont Morgan (1837-1913) in 1910

MS M.429
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Apocalypse: Lamb, Adoration.

Apocalypse: Lamb, Adoration (Revelation 5:8-14) -- Christ cross-nimbed, holding book, seated in starred mandorla above Lamb of God nimbed, holding cross-staff, in medallion surrounded by nimbed and four winged Beasts with human bodies on wheels with rayed faces, the angel holding book, and by six of Twenty-four Elders nimbed, some holding flasks, some holding viols, with inscriptions: FIALAS, TENENS CITHARAM, TENENTES CITHARAM, all in starred medallion with starred border, supported by four nimbed angels; below to right, John nimbed, kneeling, addressed by nimbed angel.