334, MS M.429, fol. 165v

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Saint Beatus, Presbyter of Liebana

Commentary on the Apocalypse and commentary on the Book of Daniel

Spain, perhaps Toledo
520 x 370 mm

Purchased by J. Pierpont Morgan (1837-1913) in 1910

MS M.429
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Daniel: Vision, Ram and Goat.

Daniel: Vision, Ram and Goat (Daniel 8:1-7) -- Daniel nimbed, in upper part of city gate of Shushan, inscribed SUSE CIUITATIS; ram with broken horns fighting goat with one large horn and four small ones inscribed UBI ARIES ARIES AB HYRCO SUPERATUS EST ET UULSIT DUO CORNUA EIUS; below, ram with two horns standing beside shrub inscribed HIC ARIES QUE EST DARIUS REX MEDORUM ATQUE PERSARUM UNUM CORNUM EXCELSUS ALTERO ATQUE SUB CRESCENTES.
Text from Jerome, In Danielem VII, end.