236, MS M.429, fol. 116v

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Saint Beatus, Presbyter of Liebana

Commentary on the Apocalypse and commentary on the Book of Daniel

Spain, perhaps Toledo
520 x 370 mm

Purchased by J. Pierpont Morgan (1837-1913) in 1910

MS M.429
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Apocalypse: Angels of Plagues.

Apocalypse: Angels of Plagues (Revelation 15:1) -- Seven nimbed angels holding vials.
Apocalypse: Song of Moses and Lamb (Revelation 15:2-4) -- Lamb of God cross-nimbed, holding cross-staff, flanked by six nimbed saints playing musical instruments; sea of glass; inscriptions UBI [TENENTES] CITHARAS [ET CANTANTES] CANTICUM [NOUU]M MAGNUM and (ET UIDI) HOMINES TENENTES [...] ANTE AGNUM ET MARE UIR[...].