The Scandal of Ulysses

Sylvia Beach and Harriet Shaw Weaver both collected clippings on Joyce’s behalf. After noticing the “Scandal” screamer in the Sporting Times, a London weekly, Weaver obtained copies of placards advertising the issue and sent at least two to Paris for Joyce and Beach. The Sporting Times write-up emphasized the book’s scabrous qualities, calling it a “stupid glorification of mere filth” and “literature of the latrine”; but the word “scandal” referred equally to the reviewer’s verdict of tediousness. Joyce chose one of the writer's sentences calling Ulysses “intensely dull” for Weaver's leaflet of press notices promoting the novel. Beach displayed another copy of this placard in her shop for years.

Placard for the Sporting Times, 1 April 1922
[London: Walbrook & Co., 1922]
Courtesy of the Poetry Collection of the University Libraries, University at Buffalo, the State University of New York