Censoring "Cyclops" in the Little Review

Among several manuscripts and proofs on view related to "Cyclops" are two pages of what is likely the earliest surviving preliminary draft of the episode and a leaf from the 1919 typescript sent to the Little Review, revised two years later. "Cyclops," as Joyce originally wrote it, never appeared in the magazine in its entirety. Following the US Postal Service’s suppression of two Ulysses issues, the editors preemptively censored the first installment of “Cyclops.” One of Joyce’s passages, which alludes several times to erections, was replaced with an asterisk, an ellipsis, and a telling footnote.

James Joyce (1882–1941)
Ulysses [the “Cyclops” episode]
Little Review 6, no. 7 (November 1919)
The Morgan Library & Museum, gift of Sean and Mary Kelly, 2018; PML 197868.8
© The Estate of James Joyce.