List of John Keats's books, p.2


p. 2

Ben Jonson & Beaumont & Fletcher
Rime di Petrarca [Petrarch’s Verses]
Ainsworth’s Dict[ionary]
Z. Jackson’s Illus[tration]s of Shakespear[e]
Carew, Suckling, Prior, Congreve, Blackmore, Fenton, Granville, and Yalden
Ovidii Metamorphoseon [Ovid’s Metamorphoses]
Bailey’s Dictionary
Hunt’s Juvenilia
Fencing familiarized
Dudley’s Memoirs
Aminta di Tasso [Tasso’s Aminta]
Burton (abridged)
Poetae minores Graeci [Minor Greek Poets]
Greek Grammar
Terentii Comoediae [Terence’s Comedies]
Bishop Beveridge’s Works
Old Plays (5th vol. with Reynolds)
Conducteur à Paris [Driver in Paris]
Horatii Opera [Horace’s Works]
Burns’ Poems
Mickle’s Lusiad
Palmerin of England
Vocabulaire Italien-Franç [French-Italian Vocabulary]
Baldwin’s Pantheon
Ouvres de Moliere [Moliere’s Works]
Dict[ionnaire] Phil[osophique] de Voltaire [Voltaire’s Philosophical Dictionary]
Essai sur les Moeurs de [Voltaire] [Voltaire’s Essay on Manners]
Nouv[eau] Heloïse (Rousseau) [New Heloise]
Description des Antiques [Description of the Ancients]
Spectator—(1st lost)
Shakespear[e] (6th lost)
Marmontel’s Incas
Hist[ory] of K[ing] Arthur (2nd lost)
Odd vol. of Spencer,—damaged

Charles Armitage Brown, “List of Mr. John Keats’ Books,” autograph manuscript, July 1821, p. 2. MA 215.55. Purchased by J. Pierpont Morgan, 1906