Amy Lowell letter to Belle da Costa Greene, 5 February 1921

Writing again on February 5th, Lowell began to make arrangements for a research trip while also accepting Greene’s invitation to address the Authors Club of New York at a private event in the Library. Greene was planning a display of Morgan materials to accompany Lowell’s “talk,” though, in another letter dated February 11th, Lowell playfully requests she refer to it using a different word: “For Goodness Sake, do not call it my ‘Talk.’ I thought it was to be a little sort of a chat —an informal bit of a thing.” These letters also allude to Lowell’s romantic partner, the actress Ada Dwyer Russell (1863–1952), whom she planned to bring along on her visit to the Library. Lowell’s two-volume John Keats would appear in 1925 with a dedication to Russell, the first and only publication Lowell dared dedicate to her life partner: “To A.D.R. This, and all my books A.L.”

Amy Lowell, typed letter to Belle da Costa Greene, 5 February 1921. MA 4098. Archives of the Morgan Library & Museum.