List of John Keats's books, p.1

Charles Armitage Brown, “List of Mr. John Keats’ Books,” autograph manuscript, July 1821, p. 1. MA 215.55. Purchased by J. Pierpont Morgan, 1906.


p. 1

List of Mr John Keats’ [sic] Books1

Wordsworth’s Poems
Fairfax’s Tasso
Petrarch’s Sonnets & Odes
Hazlitt’s Principles of Human Action
Drayton’s Poems (Ed[itio]n Jo[h]n Smethwick)
Chaucer’s Poems
Hunt’s Descent of Liberty
Dante’s Inferno, by Carey
Herrick’s Poems
Burton’s Anat[omy] of Melancholy
Aikin’s History of the Year
Shelley’s Cenci
Potter’s Grecian Antiq[uitie]s
Adam’s Roman [Antiquities]
Davies’ Celtic Researches
Spelman’s Xenophon
Vertot’s Roman Revolutions (F[rench])
Lady Russell’s letters
Bacon’s Essays
Boyle’s Reflections
Cowley’s Essays
Locke’s Conduct
Clarendon’s Essays
Bacon’s Essays
French Prayer book
Erasmus’ Moriae Encomium [Praise of Folly]
French Rabelais
Ovid’s Metamorphoses
Ariosto, da Boschini
Coleridge Lamb & Lloyd
Prayer Book
Southwell’s Bible
Chaucer (black letter)
Livy’s Roman History (1686)
Selden’s Titles of Honour
Auctores Mythographi Latini [Latin Mythographic Authors]
Siecle de Louis XIV (Voltaire) [Century of Louis XIV]
Raleigh’s Hist[ory] of the World
Guzman d’Alfarache
Les Ouvres d’Ambroise [Works of Ambrose]
Ciceronis Orationes [Orations of Cicero]
Lempriere’s Class[ical] Dict[ionary]
An Atlas

1. This transcription includes the titles of books, with editorial expansions and title translations indicated by brackets. The transcription does not include information about format or the number of volumes, nor does it reproduce the “m” and “w” letters added by Brown to certain entries.