Belle da Costa Greene letter to Bernard Berenson, 5 May 1914

Belle da Costa Greene, letter to Bernard Berenson, 5 May 1914, p.8. Bernard and Mary Berenson Papers, Box 62, Folder 1. Biblioteca Berenson, I Tatti - The Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies, courtesy of the President and Fellows of Harvard College.


hardly breathe for the joy of it–.
Kennerly came to the house for
dinner last night, just Mother
he + I as both the children were
dining out. He read to me
for several hours—Keats,
Shelley, and—Robert Bridges
whom he adores. Went to bed
quite early and had a horrid
dream about you—I must
send this off now too get it on
the K.W.II.
You must be sure to faithfully
report everything Agnes
says + does—Especially if
it is uncomplimentary to me!
It is so wonderful there, the
trees + grass + flowers, that
I know how far more
wonderful it must be in Florence—
Ever your devoted and
very loving