Hainricus Missal


After a burst of activity, the Berthold Master vanished from Weingarten without a trace. Just a few years later, a second professional artist took his place and painted miniatures for an important commission from a high-ranking member of the abbey: this Mass book for the sacristan Henry (Hainricus) to use in a chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary, which he was responsible for maintaining. Placed unusually at the core of the manuscript just before the Eucharistic prayer, the Coronation of the Virgin, at right, attests to Henry’s devotion to Mary. The surrounding symbols of the four evangelists and four rivers of paradise underscore her central role in the universal Church. The manuscript preserves its original treasure binding, silk curtains, and remarkable thirteen-strand bookmark.

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"Hainricus Missal" (Gradual, Sequentiary, and Sacramentary), in Latin
Germany, Weingarten, ca. 1220–30
The Morgan Library & Museum, MS M.711, fols. 56v–57r
Purchased by J. P. Morgan, Jr., 1926