434, MS M.819, fol. 214v

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Chansonnier provençal

ca. 1285–1300
263 x 194 mm
MS M.819
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Within initial S formed by winged fantastic animal, three-quarter figure of man, right hand on waist, grasping with left hand curve of initial.
Left Margin:
Scene, Occupational: Banking -- Man wearing short cape extends both hands to table on which are 13 coins; another man, holding coin in raised right hand, looking toward other man, sits behind the table, feet on table supports.
Below, woman and man recline in draped bed. (Scene, Secular)
Lower Margin:
Scene, Historical: Crusade -- Of several mounted crusaders, two gesturing, the foremost, is crowned. Opposite are Saracen horsemen with curly hair, two raising right hands.
Text of poem by Pons de Capduelh.


Photography by Pixel Acuity