382, MS M.819, fol. 188v

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Chansonnier provençal

ca. 1285–1300
263 x 194 mm
MS M.819
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Left Margin:
Two men, wearing purses at waists, one holding rod with right hand and gesturing with left, the other gesturing with right hand and holding rod with left hand.
Below, man holding knife to grindstone on axle over basin; behind him, forge with hood, bellows, and fire in brazier.
Lower Margin:
Christ: Miracle -- At bottom, Christ, nimbed, raising right hand, holding scroll with left hand, seated on cushioned bench, looking toward two men, one carrying vessel on left shoulder, the other pouring from vessel on shoulder into one of three on ground.
Text of poem by Giraut de Bornelh.


Photography by Pixel Acuity