Carroll’s diary for 2 October 1866

Carroll recorded Alice’s earliest reviews on a blank page in his diary

[On left-hand page:]

Newspaper Notices
of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland



Reader----------------------------Nov. 12
Press------------------------------Nov. 25
Guardian-------------------------Dec. 13
Publisher’s Circular------------Dec. 8
Athenaeum----------------------Dec. 16
Illustrated London News------Dec. 16
Illustrated Times----------------Dec. 16
Pall Mall Gazette---------------Dec. 23
Spectator-------------------------Dec. 23
Times------------------------------Dec. 26
London Review-----------------Dec. 23
Christmas Bookseller----------Dec. 25


Monthly Packet-----------------Jan. 1/66
John Bull--------------------------Jan. 20
Literary Churchman-----------May 5
Sunderland Herald------------May 25
Aunt Judy’s Magazine-------June  1
Contemporary Review^------Oct. 1

[On right-hand page:]

Oct. 2. (Sun.) Communion Sunday.
May God grant that I in sincerity
“repent of my sins, & intend to lead
a new life—“ For Jesus Christ’s sake—
I have omitted all account
of my visit to Whitburn. I went
on the 19th of September, & was
housed by William & Fanny at their
little house. During my stay, I
took a good many photographs—of
the Wilcoxes, the Langton Clarkes,
Mrs. Balfour & children &c.—these
occupied the mornings, & the afternoons
went in croquêt, walking &c., We
dined out once—with Mr. & Miss Lang
(he is Dutch Consul at Newcastle.)
on Thursday the 29th some of the
Croft party came over, & we made
an expedition to Newcastle, & went
(a party of 9) to Mr. Leathart’s, who
has a large collection of pictures. I
had got a note of introduction from
[Mr. Arthur Hughes, who is painting a picture of Mrs. Leatheart and the children…]

Lewis Carroll (1832–1898)
List of “Newspaper Notices of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” facing diary entry dated 2 October 1866
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