Kate Reynolds, 3rd grade

The Turtle Shell of Torture

I particularly like to draw animals and people. They are always different and that makes them more interesting to me. It was challenging to draw Samantha and Tess because they lived in the Medieval era and wore clothes that are not the same as the clothes we wear today. Marguerite Makes A Book was read in my class and it had examples of clothes worn and objects used in medieval times. This book helped me to create ideas for the clothes that Samantha and Tess wore in my book, "The Turtle Shell of Torture".

At the Morgan Library, I saw manuscripts from medieval times that were beautifully painted with natural colors and gold leaf. I was excited because each person in my class was making their own original manuscripts. Manuscripts are hand written books. Making this book helped me appreciate the awesome manuscripts that I saw at the Morgan Library. They were inspiring.

Kate Reynolds, 3rd grade
PS 163 Alfred E. Smith
Nia Mason and Nathalie Roussel, Teachers
Virginia Pepe, Principal