Emann Stennett, 8th Grade

Cool Cats Don't Smoke

My name is Emann Stennett, and I am in the eighth grade. I like art because it's calming, fun, and I'm able to let out ideas. I got my passion for art when my sister started drawing, and I always wanted to be like her. I started drawing on my own and developed my own liking for animation. Sometimes images popped into my head and I start drawing it and perfecting it, like the cat and the characters of the story. I like watching animated shows to study the character's structure so that I can try it too. My favorite sports are track and field, handball, soccer, and basketball. And I enjoy making stories and books.

Emann Stennett, 8th Grade
Q PS/IS 270 The Gordon Parks School of Inquisitive Minds
Aris Flores, Teacher
Seneca Francis, Teacher
Ida Owens, Teacher
Phillipa Whitlock, Teacher
Chayvonne Harper, Principal