Carly Hu, 3rd Grade

Maya's Marvelous Recital

My name is Carly Hu. I am eight years old and I am in the third grade at PS144Q. I chose to write about Maya, a girl who is nervous about her piano recital. This is a realistic problem for a girl or boy to have. Lots of kids are embarrassed or nervous to perform in front of people. Also, I have been in a piano recital before so I know how most kids feel. It was very interesting working with natural paints. My class got to make the paints so we could see how artists made their paints in the past. I liked working on this project a lot because I never had to make a six page manuscript, and it was challenging!

Carly Hu, 3rd Grade
PS 144 Colonel Jeromus Remsen
Amy Weiss, Lois Olshan, and Lori Diamond, Teachers
Reva Gluck Schneider, Principal