Sophia Kschwendt, 3rd Grade

The King's Problem

Reading allows me to go to different worlds and gives me ideas to write about. I love to write stories and poetry. The drawing helps me explain the writing. Ms. Mason and MS. Roussel told me how important food was during the medieval times. That gave me the idea to make a book about food disappearing. I decided to make the villagers find out about the disappearing food and the King would help them. I needed a solution. I thought about different ways to solve the problem. Finally, I decided that I wanted to show how important food was, so, in the end, the King helped the boys by giving them food and seeds. My ideas helped me write my story, "The King's Problem". At the Morgan Library, I saw different manuscripts and learned how to make paints. I liked making the colors. The red was kind of purplish and I thought that would be a good color for the King to wear. Doing the cover made my book look finished. Making this book made me realize how important food is even now.

Sophia Kschwendt, 3rd Grade
M PS 163 Alfred E Smith School
Nia Mason, Teacher
Nathalie Roussel, Teacher
Donny Lopez, Principal