Tenzing Dakpa, 7th grade

Hazard Potion

I believe art is beauty. Art is a creative expression that is shown in different ways. It is a fabulous way to send a message and can be anything... portrait, sketches, pictures, etc. I like to express myself through art by shading. I use dark shadings and colors to show negative moods and lighter shadings to show positive moods. I use creative drawings and complex sketches to represent feelings. We can bring things to life with art because it shows emotions. Strong emotional art can be observed with 3D figures because of the shades and structure. Even though I've only been inthe U.S. for 3 years, I can demonstrate life and reality through art.

Tenzing Dakpa, 7th grade
IS 61 Leonardo da Vinci
Susan Bayza and Clare Stokolosa, Teachers
Joseph Lisa, Principal