Matthew Ng, 12th grade

Rubik’s Cubes

811K The Connie Lekas School
My Morgan Book Project is about a Rubik’s Cube. I had to do research and find out who invented it, and what techniques people use to solve the puzzle cube. I also looked at different Rubik’s Cubes to get ideas on how to draw them in my book.

Ever since I’ve been trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube last year from May to June 2021, I kept trying to solve it, but all I could do was solve one color at a time until 6/28/2021. It took me three to four hours all afternoon through the night to learn from a video tutorial on YouTube until I finally did it.

My favorite part of the story is that a Hungarian inventor, Ernő Rubik invented and solved the first a puzzle cube. Later, Mr. Rubik named it a Rubik’s Cube after his last name back in 1974 and made them popular brain teaser puzzles in every toy store all around the globe.

The processes that I enjoyed the most when creating my book was making the paint and using the 22 Karat gold leaf.

What I learned in creating my Morgan Book Project was to use the materials to make the book from scratch by using the professional grade paper and binding material. I also made my own paint by grinding traditional pigment sources such as malachite, saffron, and dead insects. To complete my illustrations, I used 22 Karat gold leaf for the finishing touches on my book.