MS M.801, fol. 147v

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Werner Rolevinck

Fasciculus temporum

Naples, Italy
ca. 1498
420 x 230 mm
MS M.801
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Cronaca della Napoli Aragonese: Scene, Coronation of Frederick I of Aragon -- Frederick I of Aragon, crowned, as king of Naples, wearing ceremonial chain, raising scepter with right hand, possibly holding orb with left hand, is astride horse with trappings, riding below canopy carried by four men. At left, man wearing hat, grasps reins of rearing horse. The king is preceded by three horsemen, one carrying banner decorated with heraldry of Aragon, another raising helmet on rod with right hand with shield decorated with heraldry of Aragon. The third carries raised sword, with hilt in air.
Cronaca della Napoli Aragonese: Scene, Frederick I of Aragon, entering Naples -- Procession includes two men wearing caps, possibly wearing earrings, one holding rod (?) astride bridled horses with trappings; three men, two wearing hats, one holding hat, are astride horses, one caparisoned; seven soldiers wearing hats and mail, carry halberds. All are led at far right by man wearing hat astride bridled horse with trappings, grasping with right hand, tip of raised sword.