MS M.801, fol. 103r

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Werner Rolevinck

Fasciculus temporum

Naples, Italy
ca. 1498
420 x 230 mm
MS M.801
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Cronaca della Napoli Aragonese: Scene, Coronation of Alfonso II of Naples -- In upper register, seven men wearing hats carry poles supporting canopy over Alfonso II of Naples, crowned, holding scepter with right hand, and cross-surmounted globe with left hand, possibly wearing chain of office around his neck, astride bridled horse. Alfonso and the canopy are flanked front and back by 16 (?) men wearing hats, some only partially visible.
In lower register, parade of horse men wearing hats, including man raising right arm, dropping coins (?) to ground; man carrying ornate sword, holding it upwards, with tip in right hand; another carrying plumed helmet; one with decorated banner; another with decorated shield; five or six men playing trumpets, three bannered.