"Roses and Rue", page 3

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Oscar Wilde

"Roses and Rue."

Autograph manuscript signed, ca. 1884–1885. 4 p.

Gift of Lucia Moreira Salles, 2008

MA 7258.1

Page 3

I remember so well the room,
    And the lilac bloom,
That beat at the dripping pane
    In the warm June rain.

And the colour of your gown,
    It was amber-brown,
And two little satin bows
    From your shoulders rose,

And the handkerchief of French lace,
    Which you held to your face, —
Had a tear-drop left a stain?
    Or was it the rain?

"You have only wasted your life,"
    (Ah! there was the knife,)
Those were the words you said,
    As you turned your head.