"Roses and Rue", page 1

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Oscar Wilde

"Roses and Rue."

Autograph manuscript signed, ca. 1884–1885. 4 p.

Gift of Lucia Moreira Salles, 2008

MA 7258.1

Page 1

I remember we used to meet
    By the1 garden seat,
And you warbled each pretty word
    With the air of a bird,

And your voice had a quaver in it,
    Just like a linnet,
And shook with the last full note,
    As the thrushe's2 throat.

And your eyes, they were green and gray,
    Like an April day,
But lit into amethyst
    When I stooped, and kissed.

And your hair, —well, I never could tie it,
    For it ran all riot,
Like a tangled sunbeam of gold,
    Great fold on3 fold!

1 For publication, "the" was changed to "a."
2 For publication, "thrushe's" was changed to "thrush's."
3 For publication, "on" was changed to "upon."