MS M.643, fol. 13r (Miniature no. 24)

Christ: Bewailing

Florence, Italy
ca. 1320
245 x 176 mm

Purchased by J.P. Morgan (1867-1943) in 1919

MS M.643
Page description: 

Christ: Bewailing -- Virgin Mary, nimbed, wearing cross-inscribed veil, sits, supporting on her lap body of Christ, cross-nimbed, in long loin cloth. His left hand is held by Evangelist John, nimbed, kneeling, and His feet are supported by nimbed apostle, possibly Apostle Peter, kneeling. Behind them are Mary Magdalen, in red mantle, raising her arms, three veiled Holy Women, including one with clasped hands, and apostle, all nimbed. All kneel before cross with bleeding nails in arms and with titulus, flanked by mountains.
Decorated frame.