MS M.643, fol. 2r (Miniature no. 2)

Virgin Mary: Annunciation

Florence, Italy
ca. 1320
245 x 176 mm

Purchased by J.P. Morgan (1867-1943) in 1919

MS M.643
Page description: 

Virgin Mary: Annunciation -- Archangel Gabriel, nimbed, wearing stephane, holds floreate scepter in left hand and raises right hand in blessing toward nimbed Virgin Mary. She wears cross-inscribed veil, with her right hand on her breast and fold of mantle in her left hand. Both stand. To right is a vase. Above, God, cross-nimbed, as half figure, raises His right hand and holds book in His left hand, in arc of heaven from which dove of Holy Ghost descends toward the Virgin.
Decorated frame.