MS M.711, fol. 9v, sild down

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"Hainricus Missal"

(Gradual, Sequentiary, and Sacramentary), in Latin

Germany, Weingarten
ca. 1220–30

Purchased by J. P. Morgan, Jr., 1926

MS M.711
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Apocalypse: Christ, Adoration by Elders -- In center, within arch, Christ, decorated crossed-nimbus, glancing to left, seated, raises right hand in blessing and holds book on knee with left hand. Flanking Christ, four elders, each within arch, seated on benches, holds crown and turns toward Christ.
Below, Evangelist John, nimbed, glancing upwards, is seated at writing table. He holds pen in right hand and knife in left hand. Before him, Hainricus Sacrista, tonsured, identified as donor by label inscribed HAINRICUS, prostrates himself, raising both hands toward the Evangelist. At right, angel, decorated nimbus, seated on bench, extends right hand, index and forefinger raised.
Scene set in decorated frame.