"Verses to a Child", p. 13

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Anne Brontë

Collection of poems : autograph manuscript signed : [Haworth]

1838 Jan. 24-1841 Aug. 19

The Henry Houston Bonnell Brontë Collection. Bequest of Helen Safford Bonnell, 1969

MA 2696.5

“Verses to a Child” (pp. 12–15)

Composed 21 August 1838, when Brontë was eighteen. Written in the voice of Alexandrina Zenobia. First published in Poems (1902), pp. 195–97. Poem 8 in Chitham (1979); pp. 461–63 in Alexander (2010).


And that each feature soft and fair
And every curl of golden hair,
    Some sweet remembrance bears.

Just then thou didst recall to me
A distant long forgotten scene;
One smile and one sweet word from thee
Dispelled the years that rolled between,
I was a little child again,
And every after joy and pain,
    Seemed never to have been.

Tall forest trees waved over me,
To hide me from the heat of day,
And by my side a child like thee,
Among the summer flowerets lay.
He was thy sire: thou merry child.
Like thee he spoke, like thee he, smiled
    Like thee he used to play,

O Mary those were calm and happy days,
We loved each other fondly then

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