Saint Albertus Magnus

Jean Grolier (1489/90–1565) was the most prominent patron of fine binding in France during the Renaissance. This binding displays his characteristic motto: Io. Gr. Et Amicorum (For use by Jean Grolier and his friends). A treasurer of France, rich enough to build two substantial libraries, Grolier would have been a model for Claude III de Laubespine. Like Grolier, Laubespine made a fortune in government service and built a library remarkable for the quality of its bindings. Both collectors patronized the Mahieu Aesop Binder workshop, which produced this binding circa 1560. Unlike Grolier, however, Laubespine left no marks of ownership—one of the reasons why his achievements remained unrecognized until now.

Saint Albertus Magnus
Postillatio in Apocalypsim (Commentary on the Book of Revelation)
Basel: Jacob von Pfortzheim, 1506
The Morgan Library & Museum, Purchased in 1912; PML 19351