Blazing in gold and quenching in purple


Emily Dickinson began drafting this poem in 1862, and at least one of her early drafts have been lost. The extant manuscript drafts all differ slightly from the version as published here, with the added title "Sunset," in The Springfield Daily Republican. The transcription below is from the earliest extant draft, which Dickinson included in one of her fascicles.

Blazing in Gold – and
Quenching – in Purple!
Leaping – like Leopards the sky –
Then – at the feet of the old Horizon –
Laying it's spotted face – to die!

Stooping as low as the kitchen window –
Touching the Roof –
And tinting the Barn –
Kissing it's Bonnet to the Meadow –
And the Juggler of Day – is gone!

Blazing in gold and quenching in purple
Printed in The Springfield Daily Republican, 30 March 1864
Amherst College Archives & Special Collections