The sun kept stooping – stooping – low –


Emily Dickinson sent more than 250 poems to her sister-in-law, Susan, including this fair copy written neatly in pencil on faintly ruled stationery paper.

The sun kept stooping – stooping – low –
The Hills to meet him – rose –
On his part – what Transaction!
On their part – what Repose!

Deeper and deeper grew the stain
Opon the window pane –
Thicker and thicker stood the feet
Until the Tyrian

Was crowded dense with Armies –
So gay – so Brigadier –
That I felt martial stirrings
Who once the Cockade wore –

Charged – from my chimney corner –
But nobody was there!

The sun kept stooping – stooping – low –
Poem sent to Susan Dickinson, signed and dated ca. 1860
The Morgan Library & Museum, purchased as the gift of William H. McCarthy, Jr., and Frederick B. Adams, Jr., 1953