June 4, 1895, page 2–3

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Beatrix Potter

Autograph letter signed, London, to Noel Moore, June 4, 1895

June 4, 1895

Gift of Colonel David McC. McKell, 1959

MA 2009.5

Potter sent Noel a series of letters with anecdotes about animals she had seen in her travels. Here she reports on a trip to Wales, where she observed the curious conduct of donkeys, dogs, and a pony. Although she was appealing to Noel's interests, she also reveals her likes and dislikes: a life-long passion for antiques and fine old houses as well as a distinct lack of sympathy for a Welsh village she had visited.


parts of the house are as old as 1571.

She has a very pretty pony called Pearl, it is larger than mine and she rides it. One day the coachman put it in the gig, it ran very nicely on the flat road but did not like going up hill with a heavy load.

We drove to a nasty dirty Welsh village & when we asked the way, there was only one woman who could speak English. There is a fine castle at Denbigh & very pretty hills & woods, but I think the Welsh people are disagre[e]able & I should not care to live there. My Uncle's game keeper walks about with a big stick looking for poachers.