MS M.81, fols. 85v–86r

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Worksop Bestiary

England, possibly in Lincoln or York
ca. 1185
215 x 155 mm

Purchased by J. Pierpont Morgan (1837–1913) in 1902

MS M.81, fols. 85v–86r

Scitalis and Amphisbaena (left)

The scitalis pictured here is said to stun its prey with its marvelous appearance. Below is the amphisbaena, which has two heads and can move quickly with either head in the lead.

Boa, Jaculus, and Syren (right)

Each of these illuminations displays a different type of snake: the boa kills cattle by drinking from their udders; the jaculus launches itself from trees; and the syren is faster than a horse.