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Translated into Italian by Niccolò Malermi.
Opening, Volume 2: Shooting of the Father's Corpse
Printed on vellum by Vindelinus de Spira in Venice

1 August 1471

Purchased in 1929

PML 26984
Item description: 

This is the frontispiece to the second volume of the 1471 bible. The text appears to have been printed on a frayed piece of parchment suspended from an architectural monument—one of the most ambitious pictorial illusions in a Venetian book created during the Renaissance.

The framed picture at top illustrates the Shooting of the Father's Corpse, one of the apocryphal judgments of Solomon. In an inheritance dispute between the true son of a recently deceased man and an impostor, the actual son kneels before the suspended corpse, while the impostor reveals his counterfeit status by following King Solomon's command to shoot at the corpse.