Glyptotek Drawings [11]

Jim Dine
(b. 1935)

Glyptotek Drawings [11]

Charcoal on paper
17 1/2 x 13 inches
Item description: 

In creating the Glyptotek drawings, Dine was drawn to the sculptures' imperfections: "I like to honor any accident or destruction of the marks that will enhance a new beginning." The chipped noses, broken limbs, and irregular surfaces reveal the passage of time, yet their fragmentary nature also speaks to a very modern aesthetic. This is evident in the flat, unmoored quality of the soldier's arm. In reality, the unspecified background space is the back of the soldier's shield. Dine has further altered the subject's orientation, rotating the fallen warrior's arm from a horizontal to a vertical position.


Photograph courtesy of The Pace Gallery.
© 2011 Jim Dine / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York