MS M.736 fol. 22v

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Miscellany on the life of St. Edmund

England, Bury St Edmunds
ca. 1130
274 x 187 mm

Purchased by J. P. Morgan, Jr., 1927

MS M.736 fol. 22v

Edmund of England: Scene, Apotheosis ñ The illustration shows three-quarter figures of two nimbed angels wearing diadems. Their hands are extended, and they flank two more angels. One of the second pair wears a diadem. They are descending from cloudy arcs of heaven and placing a crown with infulae on the head of Edmund. Edmund is seated on a cushioned throne holding a scepter and a palm branch, which are presented by two standing nimbed angels wearing diadems. Two monks kneel, embracing the feet of Edmund. The illustration has divided fields and a decorated frame. The border is decorated with interlace ornament.
Illustration of Abbo Fleury, Passio Edmundi, chapter 18 (?).