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An account of Corsica, : the journal of a tour to that island; : and memoirs of Pascal Paoli / By James Boswell, esq. ; illustrated with a new and accurate map of Corsica..

Boswell, James, 1740-1795.
London : Printed for Edward and Charles Dilly in the Poultry., 1768..
PML 75540

An account of the regular gradation in man.

White, Charles, 1728-1813.
London : Printed for C. Dilly, 1799.
PML 127527

An Account of the Societies for Reformation of Manners in England and Ireland .. Published with the approbation of a considerable number of the lords spiritual and temporal .. of both kingdoms. [Attributed to - Yates, a barrister.].

London : For B. Aylmer, 1699
PML 6178

An additional appendix to Aurum reginæ : making some further discoveries of the antiquity, legality, quiddity, quantity, quality of this royal duty, of the oblations, fines from which it ariseth, as well in Ireland as England, the process by, the lands, chattels out of which it is levyed, and that the unlevyed arears thereof at the Queen-consorts death, of right accrue to the king and none other, by his royal prerogative, and ought to be levyed for his use by the laws of the realm / collected by William Prynne, Esq. ...

Prynne, William, 1600-1669.
London : Printed for the author by Tho. Ratcliffe and Tho. Daniel, and are to be sold by Edward Thomas ... and Josias Robinson ..., 1668.
PML 78161

An enquiry concerning the arguments which relate to our controversy with the Jews as they arise from prophetic records.

S., J.
Dublin : William Sleater, 1774.
PML 125402

An essay on the life of the Honourable Major General Israel Putnam / addressed to the state Society of the Cincinnati in Connecticut, and first published by their order. By Col. David Humphreys. With notes and additions ; With an appendix, containing an Historical and topographical sketch of Bunker Hill battle. By S. Swett.

Humphreys, David, 1752-1818.
Boston : Published by Samuel Avery, No. 89 Court Street, 1818.
PML 196000

An essay on the nature and immutability of truth, in opposition to sophistry and scepticism.

Beattie, James, 1735-1803.
London, Printed for E. and C. Dilly and W. Creech, Edinburgh, 1774.
PML 5864

An essay on the origin and discovery of the medicinal virtues of the spirits of turpentine.

Keane, Anna, Mrs.
Dublin : W. Espy, 1816.
PML 125404

An essay on truths of importance to the happiness of mankind : wherein the doctrine of oaths, as relative to religious and civil government, is impartially considered / the whole submitted to public examination by the late Rev. Mr. Herport ... ; translated from the German.

Herport, Buat.
London : Printed for S. Baker and G. Leigh ..., and E. and C. Dilly ..., 1768.
PML 8586

An historical account of English money from the Conquest to the present time : including those of Scotland from the accession of James I to the union of the two kingdoms : illustrated with copper plates and tables of gold and silver money / by Stephen Martin Leake.

Leake, Stephen Martin, 1702-1773.
London : Printed for R. Faulder, 1793.
PML 27041